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An electric charge at the surface of contact of two different materials. contact electromotive force See contact potential difference. contact gear ratio See contact ratio.

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The ratio of the length of the path of contact of two gears to the base pitch, equal to approximately the average number of pairs of teeth in contact. Also known as contact gear ratio.


The ratio of the compressive or tensile force applied to a substance per unit surface area to the change in volume of the substance per unit volume. Also known as bulk modulus; compression modulus; hydrostatic modulus; modulus of compression; modulus of volume elasticity.


A device that can store an electric charge when voltage is applied.


A small subatomic particle that contains a negative electric charge and is of negligible mass.


A measure of viscosity (absolute viscosity) numerically equal to the force required to move a plane surface of one square centimeter per second when the surfaces are separated by a layer of fluid one centimeter in thickness. It is the ratio of the shearing stress to the shear rate of a fluid and is expressed in dyne seconds per square centimeter (DYNE SEC/CM2); 1 centipoise equals .01 poise.


A device that can store an electric charge when voltage is applied.


The equipotential surface in the gravity field of the earth; the surface to which the oceans would conform over the entire earth if free to adjust to the combined effect of the earth's mass attraction and the centrifugal force of the earth's rotation. As a result of the uneven distribution of the earth's mass, the geoidal surface is irregular. The geoid is a surface along which the gravity potential is everywhere equal (equipotential surface) and to which the direction of gravity is always perpendicular. Also called FIGURE OF THE EARTH.


An iron atom that has a positive electric charge of +3. (Fe2+)


The potential difference, expressed in volts, that is generated by a source of electric current.


A device that measures the total electric charge that passes a given point during a given period of time.

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