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An electromachining process in which the discharge is initiated by allowing the tool and workpiece to come into contact, after which the tool is withdrawn and an arc forms.

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The porous device that performs the actual process of filtration. Also known as Cartridge


A process for treating raw extracted base stocks with hydrogen to saturate them for improved stability.


Any fluid applied to a cutting tool to assist in the cutting operation by cooling, lubricating or other means.


Caused by an incomplete flushing after an acid cleaning process of boilers or similar equipment.


The assimilation of one material into another; in petroleum refining, the use of an absorptive liquid to selectively remove components from a process stream.


The process whereby large molecules are broken down by the application of heat and pressure to form smaller molecules.


A thermo-dynamic process in which no heat is extracted from or added to the system of the process.


The process of adjusting magnetic compass correctors so as to remove half of the deviation on the opposite cardinal or adjacent intercardinal headings to those on which adjustment was originally made when all deviation was removed. This is done to equalize the error on opposite headings.


The pressure process by which sea ice is forced into hummocks. When the floes rotate in the process, it is called SCREWING.


A fluid circulation process designed to remove contamination from the wetted surfaces of a fluid system.
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