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The ratio of the length of the path of contact of two gears to the base pitch, equal to approximately the average number of pairs of teeth in contact. Also known as contact gear ratio.

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  1. A size of screen or of particles passed by it in terms of the number of openings occurring per linear inch in each direction. Also known as mesh size. 2. A set of branches forming a closed path in a network so that if any one branch is omitted from the set, the remaining branches of the set do not form a closed path. Also known as loop. 3. Engagement or working contact of teeth of gears or of a gear and a rack.


An electric charge at the surface of contact of two different materials. contact electromotive force See contact potential difference. contact gear ratio See contact ratio.


A short length of conductor used to make a connection between two points or terminals in a circuit or to provide a path around a break in a circuit.


The ratio of the angular speed of the driving member of a gear train or similar mechanism to that of the driven member; specifically, the number of revolutions made by the engine per revolution of the rear wheels of an automobile.


In marine insurance: a loss or damage to or in respect of goods or equipment. The numerical result obtained by dividing the sum of two or more quantities by the number of quantities. See General Average.


A dimensionless number used in the study of forced convection which gives a measure of the ratio of the total heat transfer to conductive heat transfer, and is equal to the heat-transfer coefficient times a characteristic length divided by the thermal conductivity. Symbolized NNu.


A gear tooth design factor expressed as the ratio of the number of teeth to the diameter of the pitch circle measured in inches.


A gear tooth whose profile is established by an involute curve outward from the base circle.


Two flow fields are dynamically similar if one can be transformed into the other by a change of length and velocity scales. All dimensionless numbers of the flows must be the same.


A device that accommodates changes in length of a pipeline or similar structure through the motion of two linked bell cranks.

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