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A railroad car designed specifically to hold containers.

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A braking device built into a railroad track and operating without an external source of power that reduces car speed by means of brake shoes applied to the lower sides of the wheels.


A device for measuring the deviation from equilibrium of a railroad car as it goes around a curve.


A flat-bottomed railroad car which has no top, fixed sides, and often removable ends, in which steel, rock, or heavy bulk commodities are transported.


The shelter and associated equipment for the withdrawal of liquid petroleum or a chemical product from a storage tank and loading it into a railroad tank car or tank truck.


  1. A device inserted in a pipe or hole for purposes such as cleaning or for detonating an explosive. 2. A sled for moving logs or cultivating. 3. A large rake for gathering hay. 4. A small railroad car used for transporting workers and materials.


A glass-enclosed visible indicator of the water level in a boiler. Many gauge glasses are tubular, but modern high-pressure practice and railroad locomotives use two thick, flat strips of glass bolted between flanged plates, with the water and steam between the glass strips.


A tender ship is one which have a long period of roll but may list excessively in a strong wind and may be dangerous if a hold is flooded following a collision


A covering usually of wood, placed over the tank top for its protection


States whether different goods can be stowed together in one hold


Portable bulkhead members, generally constructed of wood planking and fitted fore and aft in cargo holds when carrying grain or other cargo to prevent shifting when the ship is rolling

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