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  1. A beam resting upon several supports, which may be in the same horizontal plane. 2. A beam having several spans in one straight line; generally has at least three supports.

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A connection between two lengths of a beam or girder; may be shear or moment connections. beam spread


A horizontal beam at the top of the frame of a door or window.


An instrument which makes a plot of pressure in the cylinder of an engine as a function of piston (or volume) displacement, making use of magnification by optical systems and photographic recording; for example, the small motion of a pressure diaphragm may be transmitted to a mirror to deflect a beam of light.


An athwartship horizontal structural member supporting a flat or deck


A power space relative to another without reference to the distance between them; may be either threedimensional or two-dimensional, the horizontal and set points.


Reinforcing steel sections along a bulkhead, most commonly vertical but horizontal (or a combination) may be used.


The technique of transporting high-energy, high-current electron beams from an accelerator to a target through a region of high-pressure gas by creating a path through the gas where the gas density may be temporarily reduced; the gas may be ionized; or a current may flow whose magnetic field focuses the electron beam on the target.


A wooden roof truss having two principal rafters held by a horizontal tie beam, a king post upright between tie beam and ridge, and usually two struts to the rafters from a thickening at the king post foot.


  1. Also known as trave. 2. A horizontal beam. 3. A beam that runs transversely to the center line of a structure.


The lowest extremity of the moulded surface of the ship. At the point where this line cuts the midship section a horizontal line is drawn, and it is this line which acts as the datum for all hydrostatic calculations. This line may, or may not, be parallel to the LWL depending on the ship type.

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