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A footing that supports a wall.

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Tack to windward less fine than close hauled to optimise sail thrust and consequent overall speed.


A footing used to carry a load from two columns, with one column and one end of the footing placed against a building line or exterior wall.


  1. A timber in the second-floor corner posts of a house to serve as a footing for roof rafters. 2. A horizontal member to stiffen the framework of a building frame or trestle. 3. A brace member running horizontally between the legs of a drill tripod or derrick.


A footing that supports a concentrated load, such as a single column.


  1. A steel or concrete footing under a post. 2. Mesh reinforcement in a concrete slab. 3. A heavy steel-mesh blanket used to suppress rock fragments during blasting.

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