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A mixer in which materials are introduced, mixed, and discharged in a continuous flow.

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The part of a pre-mix burner (also gas-air mixer) which uses the kinetic energy of the high velocity fuel gas stream to draw in part or all of the air required by the burner for combustion.


A receiver in which the incoming radio frequency signals are normally amplified before being fed into a mixer (first detector) for conversion into a fixed, lower carrier (the inter- mediate frequency). The intermediate frequency signals undergo very high amplification in the intermediate frequency amplifier stages and are then fed into a detector (second detector) for demodulation. The resulting audio or video signals are then usually further amplified before use.


The rate of rotation of the drum or blades of a mixer or other device used for agitation of mixtures.


A cart which carries up to 6 cubic feet (0.17 cubic meter) of concrete from the mixer or hopper to the forms. Also known as buggy; concrete cart.


A dam that is built of concrete. concrete mixer


A control room in a sound-recording studio in which reflective or diffusive surfaces are placed near the loudspeaker and above the mixing console, while the rear wall behind the mixer is made absorptive. Derived from LEDE room (by reverse spelling).


Triode in which the grid forms part of a grounded electrostatic screen between the anode and cathode, and is used as a mixer for centimeter wavelengths.
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