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A statistical tool used to detect excessive process variability due to specific assignable causes that can be corrected. It serves to determine whether a process is in a state of statistical control, that is, the extent of variation of the output of the process does not exceed that which is expected based on the natural statistical variability of the process.

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The ratio of actual work output of a heat engine to the ideal output.


The output plus (or minus) some arbitrary value.


A series of stages in which the output of one stage is the input of the next stage.


Filters located upstream of the reservoir but after fluid has passed through the system's output components (cylinders, motors, etc.).


The steam rate is the pounds of steam that must be supplied per kilowatt-hour of generator output at the steam turbine inlet.


A radar transmitter which sends out a pulse that triggers a transponder. An interrogator may be combined in a single unit with a responsor, which receives the reply from a transponder and produces an output suitable for feeding a display system; the combined unit is called INTERROGATOR-RESPONDER. Also called CHALLENGER.


An instrument which senses the component of specific acceleration along an axis known as the sensitive axis of the accelerometer, and produces an output equal to the time integral of that quantity. Also called VELOCITY METER.


A device which enables an input signal to control power from a source independent of the signal and thus be capable of delivering an output which is greater than the input signal.


Distortion occurring in an amplifier or other device when the output amplitude is not a linear function of the input amplitude.


A feature involving special circuitry designed to maintain the output of a radio, radar, or television receiver essentially constant, or to prevent its exceeding certain limits, regardless of variations in the strength of the incoming signal.
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