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A statistical tool used to detect excessive process variability due to specific assignable causes that can be corrected. It serves to determine whether a process is in a state of statistical control, that is, the extent of variation of the output of the process does not exceed that which is expected based on the natural statistical variability of the process.

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A design technique used in linear control theory in which many or all of a system's closed-loop poles are positioned as required, by proper choice of a linear state feedback law; if the system is controllable, all of the closed-loop poles can be arbitrarily positioned by this technique.


A system for which one can divide the range of values of input quantities into a finite number of intervals such that the output quantity is a linear function of the input quantity within each of these intervals.


  1. A system for water handling that does not permit air to enter. 2. A system which is isolated so that it cannot exchange matter or energy with its surroundings and can therefore attain a state of thermodynamic equilibrium. Also known as isolated system.


Any identifiable factor which causes variation in a process outside the predicted limits, thereby altering quality.


The process of discarding certain modes of motion while retaining others in the model used by an active control system, in order that the control system can compute control commands with sufficient rapidity.


A process for recovery of particles of ore or other material, in which the particles adhere to bubbles and can be removed as part of the froth.


A principal component of a lathe consisting of a base and an upper part dovetailed together; the base is graduated in degrees and can be swiveled to any angle; the upper part includes the tool post and tool holder.


Device that can be slipped over the plate prong of the output tube 385 output-meter adapter output power of a radio receiver to provide a conventional terminal to which an output meter can be connected during alignment.


Process control in which changes are detected at the process input and an anticipating correction signal is applied before process output is affected.


An automatic controller in which the relation between the state variables of the process under control and the action variables, whose values are computed from observations of the state variables, is given as a set of fuzzy implications or as a fuzzy relation.

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