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An instrument for indicating deviation from the vertical which is based on the principle that the convection from a heated wire depends strongly on its inclination; it consists of a Y-shaped tube, each of whose arms contains a wire forming part of a bridge circuit.

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A type of magnetometer consisting of a spiral of bismuth wire and a Wheatstone bridge to measure changes in the resistance of the wire produced by magnetic fields and as a result of the transverse magnetoresistance of bismuth.


An attachment to an alidade consisting of a stadia arc on the outer edge of the visual vertical arc; enables the observer to determine the difference in elevation of the instrument and stadia rod without employing vertical angles.


A bar of soft unmagnetized iron placed vertically near a magnetic compass to counteract deviation caused by magnetic induction in vertical soft iron of the craft


Heeling adjuster. Also called VERTICAL FORCE INSTRUMENT


  1. A wire that leads from one point near the end of a gaff to a point near the other end; a block travels along the wire and a halyard is attached to the block, allowing the gaff to be raised to the vertical by a single halyard, though another halyard is required at the gaff jaws to control height.
  2. Hoops or parrel beads which secure a gaff loosely to a mast in a vertical position; a halyard is bent to the gaff jaws to control height.


The angle through which a part of an object such as a shaft or wire is rotated from its normal position when a torque is applied. Also known as angle of twist.


A bridge in which a span can open by pivoting about a vertical axis.


An instrument used for measuring structural strains; consists of a length of fine wire mounted so its tension varies with strain; the wire is plucked with an electromagnetic device, and the resulting frequency of vibration is measured to determine the amount of strain.


An instrument which 382 determines the temperature of a very hot surface from its incandescent brightness; the image of the surface is focused in the plane of an electrically heated wire, and current through the wire is adjusted until the wire blends into the image of the surface. Also known as disappearing filament pyrometer.


An instrument in which a motor-driven slide wire in a measuring circuit is continuously adjusted so that the voltage or current to be measured will be balanced against the voltage or current from this circuit; a pen linked to the slide wire makes a graphical record of its position as a function of time.

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