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A supplementary sound track, usually containing tone signals that control the reproduction of the sound track, such as by changing feed levels to loudspeakers in a theater to achieve stereophonic effects.

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[ENG ACOUS] Sound produced by a system in which one or more microphones feed a single transducing channel which is coupled to one or more loudspeakers.


Device for semicontinuous feed of solid materials to a process chop-type feeder cluded between the chisel edge and the cutting 101 chord unit, with intermittent opening and closing of a hopper gate (bottom closure) by a control arm actuated by an eccentric cam.


A transformer crystal cartridge control microphone to convert sound waves into af signals.


Rate of motion. The terms SPEED and VELOCITY are often used interchangeably but SPEED is a scalar, having magnitude only while VELOCITY is a vector quantity, having both magnitude and direction. Rate of motion in a straight line is called linear speed, while change of direction per unit time is called angular velocity. Subsonic, sonic, and supersonic refer to speeds respectively less than, equal to, greater than the speed of sound in standard air at sea level. Transonic speeds are those in the range in which flow patterns change from subsonic to supersonic, or vice versa.


Improvement of the response of a feedback control system by placing a compensator in the feedback path, in contrast to cascade compensation. Also known as parallel compensation.


  1. An instrument used to measure continuously or at intervals a condition that must be kept within prescribed limits, such as radioactivity at some point in a nuclear reactor, a variable quantity in an automatic process control system, the transmissions in a communication channel or bank, or the position of an aircraft in flight. 2. To use meters or special techniques to measure such a condition. 3. A person who watches a monitor.


A control which reacts to pressure changes in the evaporator, receiver or other container. Pressure switch.


Distillation where the entire batch of liquid feed is placed into the still at the beginning of the operation, in contrast to continuous distillation, where liquid is fed continuously into the still.


A radar operational control that limits the return of echoes from nearby waves around a vessel, thus allowing ship targets to be more apparent on the radar screen.


A hydrophone whose response varies significantly with the direction of sound incidence.

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