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A coiled arrangement of pipe or tubing for the transfer of heat between two fluids.

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Fluid-fluid heat exchanger made of two concentric pipe sections; one fluid (such as a coolant) flows in the annular space between pipes, and the other fluid (such as hot process stream) flows through the inner pipe.


Any anemometer operating on the principle that the heat transfer to air from an object at an elevated temperature is a function of airspeed.


Two or more electric circuits so arranged that energy can transfer electrically or magnetically from one to another.


The part of a process heater into which the burners fire. Tubes mounted in this area of the furnace receive heat principally via direct radiation from both burner flames and furnace refractory. Physical volume arrangement of the radiant section has a great effect on burner choice and required flame patterns.


  1. Any tool used to prepare, make, or simulate joints, such as a plane for smoothing wood surfaces prior to joining them, or a hand tool for inscribing grooves in fresh cement. 2. A file for making sawteeth the same height. 3. An attachment to a plow that covers discarded material. 4. A worker who makes joints, particularly a construction worker who cuts stone to proper fit. 5. A pipe of random length made from two joined, relatively short lengths.


A thermodynamic cycle for the conversion of heat into work, consisting of two isentropic phases interspersed between two constant-volume phases. Also known as spark-ignition combustion cycle.


Afreeze-drying technique involving conduction heat transfer to the frozen solid held on a metallic surface.


A very small heat pipe that has a diameter between about 100 micrometers and 2 millimeters (0.004 and 0.08 inch) and a triangular cross section or other cross section with sharp corners, and that uses the sharp corner regions instead of a wick to return the working fluid from the condenser to the evaporator; it has potential applications in the electronics (cooling circuit chips), medical, space, and aircraft industries.


The Canadian version of the nuclear reactor; the main difference from other reactors is the use of heavy water as a moderator and heat transfer medium.


Heat transfer device consisting of a coil of piping, which releases heat.

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