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A wooden or metal block used to hold the shape or dimensional accuracy of a molding until it cools enough to retain its shape.

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  1. A pole with a sharp metal point in one end that is used to hold utility poles upright while they are being installed. 2. See fire hook.


A two-piece metal clamp, secured by bolts at both ends; used to hold riser pipes.


A type of gage block ground to an accuracy of at least 1/100,000 inch (0.25 micrometer). Also known as Jo block.


The ability of a device (such as a servomechanism) to hold a steady position, either by virtue of its shape and proportions, or by control by a servomechanism.


A metal shaped pin to hold oars whilst rowing.


A metal plate with bent ends used to hold blocks together.


A process in which a hot or cold semisoft solid material, such as metal or plastic, is forced through the orifice of a die to produce a continuously formed piece in the shape of the desired product.


A metal bar with cross section in the shape of a Z.


  1. A master model made from hardened steel which is used to press the shape of a plastics mold into a block of soft steel. 2. A rotary cutting tool with its teeth arranged along a helical thread; used for generating gear teeth.


A whistle used by Boatswains (bosuns) to issue commands. Consisting of a metal tube which directs the breath over an aperture on the top of a hollow ball to produce high pitched notes. The pitch of the notes can be changed by partly covering the aperture with the finger of the hand in which the pipe is held. The shape of the instrument is similar to that of a smoking pipe.

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