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Any anemometer operating on the principle that the heat transfer to air from an object at an elevated temperature is a function of airspeed.

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The transfer of heat or mass by large-scale fluid movements. When the process occurs, due to density and temperature differences, it is termed natural convection. When the process occurs due to external devices (such as fans), it is termed forced convection.


Heat transfer by natural, upward flow of hot air from the device being cooled.


All warm bodies emit light (electromagnetic radiation, mostly infrared). When this radiation is absorbed or emitted by a body, heat is transferred and termed 'heat transfer by radiation'. Such heat transfer requires a line of sight (view factor) and is proportional to the fourth power of the absolute temperature difference between bodies and the emissivity of the bodies.


Heat-transfer apparatus through which air is passed and heated by a medium of higher temperature, such as the products of combustion or steam.


Afreeze-drying technique involving conduction heat transfer to the frozen solid held on a metallic surface.


1.A flat plate against which something rests or is pressed. 2. The rubber-covered roller of a typewriter against which paper is pressed when struck by the typebars. 2. A flat surface for exchanging heat in a boiler or heat exchanger which may have extended heat transfer surfaces.


The lowest temperature to which air can be cooled at any given time by evaporating water into it at constant pressure, when the heat required for evaporation is supplied by the cooling of the air. This temperature is indicated by a well-ventilated wet-bulb thermometer. See also FREE-AIR TEMPERATURE.


Heat transfer device consisting of a coil of piping, which releases heat.


The Canadian version of the nuclear reactor; the main difference from other reactors is the use of heavy water as a moderator and heat transfer medium.


The amount of insulation which will maintain normal skin temperature of the human body when heat production is 50 kilogram-calories per meter squared per hour, air temperature is 70 F (21 C), and the air is still.

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