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An instrument which measures the cooling power of the air, consisting of a metal cylinder electrically heated to maintain a constant temperature; the electrical heating power required is taken as a measure of the air's cooling power.

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A parameter devised to measure the air's cooling effect upon a human body; it is determined by the amount of heat required by a device to maintain the device at a constant temperature (usually 34 C); the entire system should be made to correspond, as closely as possible, to the external heat exchange mechanism of the human body.


The process of reducing the moisture in the air; serves to increase the cooling power of air.


  1. An instrument in which current, voltage, or power is measured by the force between a fixed coil and a moving coil. 2. A special type of electric rotating machine used to measure the output torque or driving torque of rotating machinery by the elastic deformation produced.


An instrument with a recording device used to measure work capacity of muscles.


An instrument that utilizes electrical means to measure temperature, such as a thermocouple or resistance thermometer.


An instrument which makes a plot of pressure in the cylinder of an engine as a function of piston (or volume) displacement, making use of magnification by optical systems and photographic recording; for example, the small motion of a pressure diaphragm may be transmitted to a mirror to deflect a beam of light.


Instrument used to measure degree of moisture in the atmosphere.


An instrument calibrated in logarithmic steps and labeled with decibel units and used for measuring power levels in communication circuits.


Increase in enthalpy during cooling of a system at constant pressure, heat conductivity See thermal conductivity.


The lowest temperature to which air can be cooled at any given time by evaporating water into it at constant pressure, when the heat required for evaporation is supplied by the cooling of the air. This temperature is indicated by a well-ventilated wet-bulb thermometer. See also FREE-AIR TEMPERATURE.

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