A qualitative method of determining the corrosivity of a petroleum product by observing its effect on a strip of polished copper suspended or placed in the product. Also known as copper strip test.

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1. In metal-forming operations, a prepunched hole in a metal strip into which the pilot component of the die enters in order to assure precise registration of the strip at each work station. 2. A small hole drilled ahead of a larger borehole. 3. A hole drilled in a piece of wood to serve as a guide for a nail or a screw or for drilling a larger hole.


A thin strip of wood that separates the sashes in a double-hung window.


[DESENG] Ahand-operateddevice to cut and trim paper, consisting of a cutting blade bolted at one end to a ruled board; when the blade is drawn flush with the board, which has a metal strip at the cutting edge, a shearing action takes place which cuts the paper cleanly and evenly.


A wood strip or block which serves as a backing into which nails can be driven.


A pyrheliometer of the bimetallic type used to measure the intensity of direct solar radiation; the radiation is measured in terms of the angular deflection of a blackened bimetallic strip which is exposed to the direct solar beams.


1. A narrow strip of wood used in making a level base, as for plaster or tiles, or in constructing a light framework, as a trellis. 2. A sheet of material used as a base for plaster.


An instrument used to detect the occurrence of freezing precipitation, usually consisting of a strip of sheet aluminum about 11/2 inches (4 centimeters) wide, and is exposed horizontally, face up, in the free air a few meters above the ground.


Mechanical device using steam to strip dissolve gases from the boiler feedwater and heating the feedwater.


An extra strip of canvas secured below a bonnet , further to increase the area of a course


A narrow strip of land connecting two larger portions of land. A submarine elevation joining two land areas and separating two basins or depressions by a depth less than that of the basins is called a submarine isthmus.

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