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Those refining processes using cupric chloride to oxidize mercaptans in petroleum. cordage

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A process of reclaiming used lubricant oils and restoring them to a condition similar to that of virgin stocks by filtration, clay adsorption or more elaborate methods.


Ropes in the rigging of a ship


Rope and cordage used aboard a vessel.


  1. Old cordage past its useful service life as lines aboard ship. The strands of old junk were teased apart in the process called picking oakum.
  2. A sailing ship of classic Chinese design with characteristic full batten sails that span the masts usually on unstayed rigs.


Said about a sailor who is familiar with the miles of cordage and ropes involved in running a ship.


A network of cordage rigged to a point on the mast and to a series of points on either side of the boom that cradles and guides the sail onto the boom when the sail is lowered.


In general, cordage as it is purchased at the store. When it comes aboard a vessel and is put to use it becomes line.


An abrading process for refining the surface finish and the geometrical accuracy of a surface.


A high quality coal used as a fuel and source of carbon in the refining of metal.


A sedimentary rock consisting mostly of calcium carbonate that is used to remove the impurities produced refining iron ore.

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