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A pneumatic tire made with cords running parallel to the tread.

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A small circle on the celestial sphere paralleled to the horizon. Also called CIRCLE OF EQUAL ALTITUDE, PARALLEL OF ALTITUDE.


A bond in which the inner edge of face brick is cut off so that bricks laid diagonal to a wall can be joined to those laid parallel to it.


A belt drive having both shafts parallel and rotating in the same direction.


An instrument that measures current flow in rivers and oceans by transmitting acoustic pulses in opposite directions parallel to the flow and measuring the difference in pulse travel times between transmitter-receiver pairs.


That part of a solid figure between the base and a parallel intersecting plane; or between any two intersecting planes, generally parallel.


A light concentrated into a parallel beam by means of refracting lenses or prisms. One so concentrated by means of a reflector is a CATOPTRIC LIGHT.


A screening device consisting of a bar or a number or parallel bars; used to prevent objects from entering a drain.


A machining operation whereby flutes are formed parallel to the main axis of cylindrical or conical parts.


A method of solving the various problems involving course, distance, difference of latitude, difference of longitude, and departure. The various methods are collectively spoken of as the sailings. Plane sailing considers the earth as a plane. Traverse sailing applies the principles of plane sailing to determine the equivalent course and distance made good by a craft following a track consisting of a series of rhumb lines. Any of the sailings which considers the spherical or spheroidal shape of the earth is called spherical sailing. Middlelatitude sailing is a method of converting departure into difference of longitude, or vice versa, by assuming that such a course is steered at the middle or mean latitude; if the course is 090° or 270° true, it is called parallel sailing. Mercator sailing applies when the various elements are considered in their relation on a Mercator chart. Meridian sailing is used when the course is 000° or 180° true. Rhumb-line sailing is used when a rhumb line is involved; great- circle sailing when a great circle track is involved. Composite sailing is a modification of great circle sailing used when it is desired to limit the highest latitude. The expression current sailing is occasionally used to refer to the process of allowing for current in determining the predicted course made good, or of determining the effect of a current on the direction of motion of a vessel.


A chart showing the coordinated synchronous or simultaneous activities of a work system comprising one or more machines or individuals; separate, parallel columns indicate each machine's or person's activities as related to the other parts of the work system.

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