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An instrument which determines mass flow rate from the torque on a ribbed disk that is rotated at constant speed when fluid is made to enter at the center of the disk and is accelerated radially.

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A device for producing a deliberate pressure drop or resistance in a line by reducing the cross-sectional flow area.


Mechanism which pumps fluid by using rotating motion.


An instrument for measuring the magnitude of electric current flow.


A device which converts mechanical force and motion into pneumatic flow power.


Any fluid applied to a cutting tool to assist in the cutting operation by cooling, lubricating or other means.


A filter assembly containing multiple ports and integral relating components which services more than one fluid circuit.


An instrument for determining either the specific gravity of a liquid or the API gravity.


The magnetic precipitation and subsequent analysis of wear debris from a fluid sample .This approach involves passing a volume of fluid over a chemically treated microscope slide which is supported over a magnetic field. Permanent magnets are arranged in such a way as to create a varying field strength over the length of the substrate. This varying strength causes wear debris to precipitate in a distribution with respect to size and mass over the Ferrogram. Once rinsed and fixed to the substrate, this debris deposit serves as an excellent media for optical analysis of the composite wear particulates.


The fluid leaving a component.


A fluid used to remove heat. See Cutting fluid.
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