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An oscillating type of valve gear with a trip mechanism for the admission and exhaust of steam to and from an engine cylinder.

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A cylindrical type of steam engine slide valve for admission and exhaust of steam.


The condition of a steam engine when the valve is operated to the maximum extent by the link motion.


The ratio of the angular speed of the driving member of a gear train or similar mechanism to that of the driven member; specifically, the number of revolutions made by the engine per revolution of the rear wheels of an automobile.


The turbine casing is fitted with spring-loaded relief valves to prevent damage by excessive steam pressure at the low-pressure end if the exhaust valve is closed accidentally. Some casings on smaller turbines are fitted with a sentinel valve, which serves only to warn the operator of over-pressure of the exhaust end. A spring-loaded relic valve is needed to relieve high pressure.


A cam-operated or spring-loaded reciprocating-engine mushroomtype valve used for control of admission and exhaust of working fluid; the direction of movement is at right angles to the plane of its seat.


A device for providing different gear or drive ratios between the engine and drive wheels of an automotive vehicle, a principal function being to enable the vehicle to accelerate from rest through a wide speed range while the engine operates within its most effective range.


An automobile engine device that lowers the gear ratio, thereby reducing fuel consumption.


Mildly poisonous gas (NO2) often found in smog or engine exhaust


  1. A mechanism to activate process control equipment by use of pneumatic, hydraulic, or electronic signals; for example, a valve actuator for opening or closing a valve to control the rate of fluid flow. 2. An auxiliary external electrode used to apply a known electrostatic force to the diaphragm of a microphone for calibration purposes. Also known as electrostatic actuator. 3. A device that produces mechanical force by means of pressurized fluid.


Where heat from the exhaust gases of a gas turbine is used to generate steam to drive a steam turbine.

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