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A metal molding that is built into plaster in corners to prevent plaster from accidentally breaking off.

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Metal strip and lead fastener used for locking freight car or truck doors. Seals are numbered for record purposes.


A metal screed with expanded or short perforated flanges that serves as a dividing strip between plaster and cement and acts as a guide to indicate proper thickness of cement or plaster.


A troughlike device of metal or wood with vertical slots set at various angles in the upright sides, for guiding a handsaw in making a miter joint.


A voltmeter in which the voltage to be measured is applied between fixed and movable metal vanes; the resulting electrostatic force deflects the movable vane against the tension of a spring.


A covering of sheets of metal or other material such as fire resistant composition board used to enclose all or a portion of a steam-generating unit.


  1. Application of voltage to an electrolytic capacitor, electrolytic rectifier, or semiconductor device to produce a desired permanent change in electrical characteristics as a part of the manufacturing process. 2. A process for shaping or molding sheets, rods, or other pieces of hot glass, ceramic ware, plastic, or metal by the application of pressure.


A metal cutting tool made of a material different from the shank to which it is brazed.


A safety device, such as a metal mesh protector, to prevent an exhaust backfire from causing an explosion; operates by absorbing heat.


  1. The process of binding together pulverized minerals, such as coal dust, into briquets under pressure, often with the aid of a binder, such as asphalt. 2. A process or method of mounting mineral ore, rock, or metal fragments in an embedding or casting material, such as natural or artificial resins, waxes, metals, or alloys, to facilitate handling during grinding, polishing, and microscopic examination.


A tide gage consisting of a monel metal tape on a metal reel (with supporting frame), voltmeter, and battery. The tape is graduated with numbers increasing toward the unattached end. Tidal height

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