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The branch of accounting in which one records, analyzes, and summarizes costs of material, labor, and burden, and compares these actual costs with predetermined budgets and standards.

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A branch within the Maritime Administration which deals with Operating Differential Subsidy and Construction Differential Subsidy. (MSB)


  1. That branch of physics dealing with sound. 2. The sound characteristics of a room, auditorium, etc., which determine its quality with respect to distinct hearing


The duration of one rotation of the earth on its axis, with respect to the apparent sun. It is measured by successive transits of the apparent sun over the lower branch of a meridian. The length of the apparent solar day is 24 hours of apparent time and averages the length of the mean solar day, but varies somewhat from day to day


The branch of astronomy dealing with the geometrical relations of the celestial bodies and their real and apparent motions.


A slow but fairly constant southeast branch of the North Atlantic Current and part of the Gulf Stream System. Its mean speed is only 0.4 knot, and the mean maximum speed computed from all observations above 1 knot in the prevailing direction is 1.3 knots. There is no discernible seasonal fluctuation. The speed and direction of the current is easily influenced for short periods by changing winds. The Azores Current is an inner part of the general clockwise oceanic circulation of the North Atlantic Ocean. Also called SOUTHEAST DRIFT CURRENT.


  1. A creek or brook, as used locally in the southern U.S. 2. One of the bifurcations of a stream


A North Pacific Ocean current flowing southeast- ward along the west coast of North America from a point west of Vancouver Island to the west of Baja (Lower) California where it gradually widens and curves southward and southwestward, to continue as the westerly flowing PACIFIC NORTH EQUATO- RIAL CURRENT. The California Current is the southern branch of the Aleutian Current, augmented by the North Pacific Current, and forms the eastern part of the general clockwise oceanic circulation of the North Pacific Ocean. Although usually described as a permanent ocean current, the California Current is actually a poorly defined and variable flow easily influenced by the winds. See also MEXICO CURRENT


The southern branch of the North Atlantic Current (which divides on the eastern side of the ocean); it moves south past Spain and southwestward along the Northwest coast of Africa and past the Canary islands. In the vicinity of the Cape Verde Islands, it divides into two branches, the western branch augmenting the Atlantic North Equatorial Current and the Eastern branch curving southward and continuing as the GUINEA CURRENT. The Canary Current forms the southeastern part of the general clockwise oceanic circulation of the North Atlantic Ocean. Also called the Canaries Current.


An ocean current flowing southward along the east coast of Greenland carrying water of low salinity and low temperature. The East Greenland Current is joined by most of the water of the Irminger Current. The greater part of the current continues through Denmark Strait between Iceland and Greenland, but one branch turns to the east and forms a portion of the counterclockwise circulation in the southern part of the Norwegian Sea. Some of the East Greenland Current curves to the right around the tip of Greenland, flowing northward into Davis Strait as the WEST GREENLAND CURRENT. The main discharge of the Arctic Ocean is via the East Greenland Current.


The one of a number of warfare branch specialist officers.

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