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A circuit that counts pulses by frequency-dividing techniques, by charging a capacitor in such a way as to produce a voltage proportional to the pulse count, or by other means. Also known as counter circuit.

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  1. A voltage greater than that at which a device or circuit is designed to operate. Also known as overpotential. 2. The amount by which the applied voltage exceeds the Geiger threshold in a radiation counter tube.


Use of a capacitor to transfer energy from one circuit to another.


The circuit conductor that is normally grounded or at zero voltage difference to the ground.


  1. To cut off the electron beam of a television picture tube, camera tube, or cathode-ray oscilloscope tube during the process of retrace by applying a rectangular pulse voltage to the grid or cathode during each retrace interval. Also known as beam blank. 2. The result of the final cutting operation on a natural crystal.


The positive anode voltage at which a silicon controlled rectifier switches into the conductive state with gate circuit open.


A circuit used in providing moving-target indication on a plan position indicator scope; cancels constant amplitude fixed-target pulses by subtraction of successive pulse trains.


In a radar set, a sharp voltage pulse which is applied to the modulator tubes to fire the transmitter, applied simultaneously to the sweep generator to start the electron beam moving radially from the sweep origin to the edge of the face of the cathode-ray tube.


The voltage drop around a circuit including wiring and loads must equal the supply voltage.


A device that can store an electric charge when voltage is applied.


Electronic circuit used to produce a square pulse to drive the modulator tube; the duration of the square pulse is Bond's third theory See Bond's law.

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