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The degree to which a coating obscures the underlying material.

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Drizzle that falls in liquid form but freezes upon impact to form a coating of glaze upon the ground and exposed objects.


Rain that falls in liquid form but freezes upon impact to form a coating of ice on the ground and exposed objects.


A coating of ice, generally clear and smooth but usually contain- ing some air pockets, formed on exposed objects by the freezing of a film of super cooled water deposited by rain, drizzle, fog, or possibly condensed from super cooled water vapor. Glaze is denser, harder and more transparent than either rime or hoarfrost Also called GLAZE ICE, GLAZED FROST VERGLAS.


The distortion of the radar return on the radarscope caused by the diameter of the electron beam which displays the returns on the scope and the lateral radiation across the scope of part of the glow produced when the electron beam strikes the phosphorescent coating of the cathode-ray tube.


Paint coating on the bottom of a boat to prevent marine fouling. Traditionally copper sheet was used.


A tar based surface coating and waterproofing sealant used on a vessel's rust or leak prone structures.


The surface resin coating of a fibreglass lay-up, containing the colour pigment.


1) To give or supply. 2) To pass a rope through a component. 3) To cover a surface with a thin coating such as cement.


A device that uses a thin, flat jet of air to remove the excess coating from freshly coated paper.


The coating of metal with another by an electrolytic process; for example, electrolytically zinc-coat steel is called galvanized steel.

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