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To open something slightly, for instance, a valve.

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An intercrystalline corrosion of boilerplate occurring in highly stressed zones. Cracking may result.


That period of time during which the programming flame failure controls permit the burner fuel valves to be open before the flame sensing device is required to detect the flame.


A timed interval when the pilot valve is held open and an attempt made to ignite and prove it. If the presence of the pilot is proved at the termination of the interval, the main valve is energized; if not the pilot and ignition are cut off followed by a safety lockout.


Heat treating process that releases internal stress in hardened steel and increases toughness. Tempered steel will not crack under heavy stress or vibration or impact. Should be done as soon after hardening.


Ropes supported by stanchions around an open hatch to prevent persons from falling into a hold


A separation area used to maintain adjacent areas at a pressure differential. For example, the airlock to an electric motor room on a gas carrier is used to maintain pressure segregation between a gas-dangerous zone on the open deck and the gas-safe motor room which is pressurized.


A lubricant containing asphaltic materials, which impart extra adhesiveness, that are used for open gears and steel cables.


Eccentric shaft used in most internal combustion engines to open and close valves.


The amount of contaminants a filter will hold before an excessive pressure drop is caused. Some filters have bypass valves which open when a filter reaches its rated capacity.


Cracks produced by the combined action of repeated or fluctuating stress and a corrosive environment, which produces the cracking at lower stress levels or fewer cycles of stress than would be the case if no corrosive environment were present.

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