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To open something slightly, for instance, a valve.

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Eccentric shaft used in most internal combustion engines to open and close valves.


A lubricant containing asphaltic materials, which impart extra adhesiveness, that are used for open gears and steel cables.


A lock of very large size and usually of irregular shape, the gates of which are kept open for several hours after high tide so that vessels may enter as long as there is sufficient depth over the sill. Vessels remain in the half-tide basin until the ensuing flood tide before they may pass through the gate to the inner harbor. If entry to the inner harbor is required before this time, water must be admitted to the half-tide basin from some external source.


The temperature to which a combustible liquid must be heated so that the released vapor will burn continuously when ignited under specified conditions (Clevelend Open Cup).


The amount of contaminants a filter will hold before an excessive pressure drop is caused. Some filters have bypass valves which open when a filter reaches its rated capacity.


1. A small depression of the sea floor. 2. An opening through a piece of sea ice, or an open space between ice cakes. 3. A small bay, particularly in New England


An antenna consisting of a waveguide the cross-sectional area of which increases toward the open end. Often shortened to HORN.

Surface fatigue wear

the formation of surface or subsurface cracks and fatigue crack propagation. It results from cyclic loading of a surface.


Leak proof seal between crankshaft and compressor body in open type compressors.


An open curve with two parts, all points of which have a constant difference in distance from two fixed points called FOCI.
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