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A device for holding heavy objects such as rock or lumber to be lifted by a crane or hoist; shaped like scissors, with points bent inward for grasping the load. Also spelled crampoon.

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A device consisting of a heavy yoke on an open-top car's sides that actively vibrates and rapidly discharges a load, such as coal, gravel, or sand, when an unbalanced pulley attached to the yoke is rotated fast.


  1. A steel or concrete footing under a post. 2. Mesh reinforcement in a concrete slab. 3. A heavy steel-mesh blanket used to suppress rock fragments during blasting.


A device for hoisting heavy stones; employs a dovetailed tenon that fits into a mortise in the stone.


A device with a heavy buttress screw thread used for bending rails by hand.


A platform or frame on which several rock drills are mounted and which moves along a track, for heavy drilling in large tunnels. Also known as jumbo.


A device to slow a boat down in a storm so that it does not speed excessively down the slope of a wave and crash into the next one. It is generally constructed of heavy flexible material in the shape of a cone. See also sea anchor.


  1. An iron or steel bar that is usually bent and has a wedge-shaped working end; used as a lever and for prying. 2. A device or action that in effect places a high overload on the actuating element of a circuit breaker or other protective device, thus triggering it.


A ship with a crane specialized in lifting heavy loads.


Track-mounted, shoreside crane utilized in the loading and unloading of breakbulk cargo, containers and heavy lift cargo.


A device for hoisting and lowering heavy weights, cargo, stores, etc

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