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A mobile construction machine built principally for lifting loads by means of cables and consisting of an undercarriage on which the unit moves, a cab or house which envelops the main frame and contains the power units and controls, and a movable boom over which the cables run.

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A portable generator which can be attached to a refrigerated container to power the refrigeration unit during transit.


Power dissipated in a machine through friction.


A unit representing the operation of one machine for 1 hour; used in the determination of costs and economics.


A set of keys or control levers having a systematic arrangement and used to operate a machine or other piece of equipment such as a typewriter, typesetter, processing unit of a computer, or piano.


A machine designed to measure the efficiency of lubricants by driving one ball against three stationary balls clamped together in a cup filled with the lubricant; performance is evaluated by measuring wear-scar diselection of averaging, coherence function, correlation, power spectrum, and other mathematical operations involved in calculating Fourier transforms of time-varying signal voltages for such applications as identification of underwater sounds, vibration analysis, oil prospecting, and brain-wave analysis.


A power machine for loading mineral, coal, or dirt.


A construction machine used to smooth the freshly placed surface of a roadway, or to prepare the foundation for a pavement.


  1. A packaged assembly of wired components, built in a standardized size and having standardized plug-in or solderable terminations. 2. A unit of size used as a basic component for standardizing the design and construction of buildings, building parts, and furniture.


A derived unit of electric potential in the International System of Units, it is the difference of electric potential between two points of a conducting wire carrying a constant current of 1 ampere, when the power dissipated between these points is equal to 1 watt.


The power transmitted or the contact force per unit length of a gear.

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