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A hoisting fixture designed to engage a ring or link of a lifting chain, or the pin of a shackle or cable socket.

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The length of a shackle of cable is 27.5 mtrs. It is defined by a length of cable between the joining shackles.


  1. A method of preparing an anchor for tripping by attaching an anchor cable to the crown and fixing to the ring by a light seizing (also known as becue). The seizing can be broken if the anchor becomes fouled.
  2. A type of clinker dinghy, characteristically beamy and slow.
  3. An inland racing boat with no keel, a large sail plan, and a planing hull.


1) A bowed metal fitting closed with a pin through the ends, used for ease of attachment of ropes, wires and chains. 2) A 15 fathoms length of anchor chain, sometimes called a shot.


A hoisting device consisting of two cable drums which rotate in opposite directions and can be operated separately or together.


To secure the open mouth of a hook with yarn or wire, or seize the pin of a shackle so it will not come undone.


Temporary fastening of rope to a ring, pole or hook


An adjustable ring in a safety valve, used to control the amount of blowback.


Securing a ship at a dock or elsewhere by ropes or cables


A replaceable metal ring inserted in pump casing. Minimizes clearance with rotating parts in order to restricted internal leakage in a pump.


The pins or bolts that hinge the rudder to the gudgeons on the rudder post or sternpost

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