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The crankshafts are built-up types. For the semi-built type, the forged main bearing journals are shrunk into cast steel crank throws with a crank journal and two crank throws as one unit. In the fully built type, the crank throws are shrunk onto main journals and crank journals. The crank throws are displaced from each other to obtain the same number of degrees between the different crank throws. The crankpin journals are provided with large bores for balancing purpose.

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A support or guide by means of which a moving part such as a shaft or axle is positioned with respect to the other parts of a mechanism.


Eccentric shaft used in most internal combustion engines to open and close valves.


That part of a shaft or axle that rotates or angularly oscillates in or against a bearing or about which a bearing rotates or angularly oscillates.


A straight connector for shafts or flow lines.


A loose ring, the inner surface of which rides a shaft or journal and dips into a reservoir of lubricant from which it carries the lubricant to the top of a bearing by its rotation with the shaft.


Usually a rolling bearing of short cylindrical form supporting a shaft carrying a radial load.


A bearing designed or mounted to permit axial displacement between shaft and housing.


An axial load bearing, radial-load-type bearing which supports the end of a shaft or pivot.


Ratio of shaft work out of a system to the heat energy into the system.


An appliance used to stop rotation of unit's shaft or unit movement .
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