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A contact whose back portion is a hollow cylinder that will accept a wire; after a bared wire is inserted, a swaging tool is applied to crimp the contact metal firmly against the wire. Also known as solderless concreep-feed grinding.

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An instrument which measures the cooling power of the air, consisting of a metal cylinder electrically heated to maintain a constant temperature; the electrical heating power required is taken as a measure of the air's cooling power.


The production of holes in an n-type semiconductor when voltage is applied to a sharp metal point in contact with the surface of the material.


A coil of wire wound on a cylinder whose length is greater than its diameter. When a current is passed through the wire an electromagnetic field is produced.


  1. A conical-nosed cylindrical weight, attached to a wire rope or line, either notched or seated to engage and attach itself to the upper end of a wire line core barrel or other retrievable or retractable device that has been placed in a borehole. Also known as bug; godevil; overshot. 2. A scraper with self-adjusting spring blades, inserted in a pipeline and carried forward by the fluid pressure, clearing away accumulations or debris from the walls of a pipe. Also known as go-devil. 3. A bullet-shaped weight or small explosive charge dropped to explode a charge of nitroglycerin placed in a borehole. Also known as go-devil. 4. An electric lamp covered by a conical metal case, usually at the end of a flexible metal shaft. 5. See torpedo.


A device for measuring frequencies above about 100 megahertz, consisting of a rigid metal cylinder that has an inner conductor along its central axis, and a sliding disk that shorts the inner conductor and the cylinder.


  1. A metal bar attached to one or both ends of a powered transportation vehicle, especially an automobile, to prevent damage to the body. 2. In a drilling operation, the supporting stay between the main foundation sill and the engine block. 3. In drilling, a fishing tool for loosening jammed cable tools.


A metal cutting tool made of a material different from the shank to which it is brazed.


A test to ascertain the adhesive strength of bonded strips of metals by peeling or pulling the metal strips back and recording the adherence values.


Some electrical systems do not use a return wire, but use another conductor instead. The earth's soil is a conductor and this can be used (hence the name). Metal car bodies are also used as a return wire for automotive circuits and are called 'earth-return' circuits. If the negative supply and one side of each lamp was connected to a metal chassis it would be an 'earth-return' circuit. Earth-return circuits are unsuitable for vessels.


  1. To unscrew or disconnect. 2. To withdraw the drill bit from a borehole. 3. To withdraw a cutting tool or grinding wheel from contact with the workpiece.

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