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  1. Also known as trave. 2. A horizontal beam. 3. A beam that runs transversely to the center line of a structure.

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Ultrasonic waves transmitted for the inspection of a metallic surface at an angle measured from the beam center line to a normal to the test surface.


In molding, the maximum angle, measured from the center line of the mandrel, at which molten material enters the land area of a die.


The angle between the horizontal and a line in the direction of motion of a flying body, especially a rocket, at the beginning of free flight.


The angular difference between the heading as indicated by a lubber’s line, and the actual heading; the horizontal angle, at the center of an instrument, between a line through the lubber’s line and one parallel to the keel.


The vertical angle between the horizontal and a straight line tangent to the surface of the earth. It is larger than DIP by the amount of terrestrial refraction.


An instrument, used to measure the pressure exerted by a beam of light, in which there are two small, silvered glass mirrors at the ends of a light rod that is suspended at the center from a fine quartz fiber within an evacuated enclosure.


A line of horizontal magnetic force of the earth. A compass needle without deviation lies in the magnetic meridian.


  1. The vertical angle, at the eye of an observer, between the horizontal and the line of sight to the visible horizon. Altitudes of celestial bodies measured from the visible sea horizon as a reference are too great by the amount of dip. Since dip arises from and varies with the elevation of the eye of the observer above the surface of the earth, the correction for dip is sometimes called HEIGHT OF EYE CORRECTION. Dip is smaller than GEOMETRICAL DIP by the amount of terrestrial refraction. Also called DIP OF THE HORIZON. 2. The angl


A leveling instrument in which the line of sight is automatically kept horizontal by a built-in pendulum device (such as a horizontal arm and a plumb line at right angles to the arm).


A wooden roof truss having two principal rafters held by a horizontal tie beam, a king post upright between tie beam and ridge, and usually two struts to the rafters from a thickening at the king post foot.

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