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A belt drive having parallel shafts rotating in opposite directions.

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A belt drive having both shafts parallel and rotating in the same direction.


  1. A condition existing when the drive rod of the drill swivel head is not centered and parallel with the borehole being drilled. 2. A borehole that has deviated from its intended course. 3. A condition existing wherein any linear excavation (shaft, drift, borehole) deviates from a previously determined or intended survey line or course. 4. State in which an equipment or subsystem is in standby, maintenance, or mode of operation other than online.


A propulsion drive train where the prop shafts are horizontal, parallel and driven by a vertical engine output shaft.


A heavy-duty conveyor consisting essentially of a head or drive pulley, a take-up pulley, a level or inclined endless belt made of canvas, rubber, or metal, and carrying and return idlers.


That part of belt conveyor which consists of a drive pulley, a head pulley which may or may not be a drive pulley, belt idlers if included, and the necessary framing.


A plastics mold into which the material to be formed is introduced and parallel with its long axis. 2. Of a drill motor, mounted so that its drive shaft and the drive rod in the drill swivel head are parallel, or mounted so that the shaft driving the drillswivel-head bevel gear and the drill-motor drive shaft are centered in a direct line and parallel with each other. 3. Having similar units mounted together in a line.


A load exerted parallel to the axis of the shaft on which the bearing is mounted, also called thrust load.


Type of compressor designed to compress gas, with piston motion parallel to crankshaft.


See parallel resonance. A radar set designed to give warning of possible collisions during movements of ships or aircraft.


Two initially parallel ropes twisted together by length of wood inserted in a loop between them; used to apply tension.

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