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A hammer with a wedge-shaped surface at one end of the head.

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The inclusion of minute bubbles of air in cement or concrete through the addition of some material during grinding or mixing to reduce the surface tension of the water, giving improved properties for the end product.


The chemically coated inside surface of the large end of a cathode-ray tube which becomes luminous when struck by an electron beam.


[DESENG] Ahammerwithapoint at one end of the head and a blunt surface at the other end.


Open pipe protruding above the surface of a liquid in a container, such as a distillation or absorption column or a toilet tank, to control the height of the liquid; excess liquid enters the pipe's open end and drains away.


A tool for working the surface of various materials, consisting of a metal bar with a sharp edge at one end and often driven by a mallet.


  1. A covering or casting of some material applied to the outer face of embankments, buildings, and other structures. 2. Machining the end of a flat rotating surface by applying a tool perpendicular to the axis of rotation in a spiral planar path.


The angle between a plane containing the end surface of a cutting tool and a plane passing through the cutting edge in the direction of cutting motion.


A slender triangular recess cut into the faying surface of a frame or steamed timber to fit over the land of clinker planking, or cut into the faying edge of a plank or rebate to avoid feather ends on a strake of planking. The feather end is cut off to produce a nib. The joggle and nib in this case is made wide enough to allow a caulking iron to enter the seam.


An axially slotted sleeve with cylindrical bore, tapered outside surface and male screw thread at small end used with locknut and lockwasher for mounting of bearings with tapered bore on cylindrical outside surface of shaft. Also called pull-type sleeve.


The net attraction between all masses. Gravity attracts all of the particles of a mass and the net effect of this attraction at the earth's surface is equal to 9.81 Newton’s per kilogram. The force of gravity is often called weight.

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