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A switch that operates at very low temperatures at which its components are superconducting; when current is sent through a control element to produce a magnetic field, a gate element changes from a superconductive zero-resistance state to its normal resistive state.

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A subfield of optimal control theory in which the control variables are determined as functions of the current state of the system.


A gate circuit that provides isolation between input and output terminals in its off state, by operating transistors in their cutoff region; in the on state the output voltage follows the input voltage as required for gating both analog and digital signals, while the transistors provide current gain to supply output current on demand.


An area for determining magnetic signatures of ships and other marine craft. Such signatures are used to determine required degaussing coil current settings and other required corrective actions. Sensing instruments and cables are installed on the sea bed in the range, and there are cables leading from the range to a control position ashore.


Controller action in which there is a predetermined relation between the deviation and the speed of a final control element; a neutral zone, in which no motion of the final control element occurs, is often used.


An ionospheric disturbance characterized by wide variations from normal in the state of the ionosphere, such as turbulence in the F-region, absorption increase, height increase, and ionization density decreases. The effects are most marked in high magnetic latitudes and are associated with abnormal solar activity.


A field-effect transistor in which appropriate voltages are applied to the gate to control the space within the current flow channels.


The state of a tidal current when its speed is near zero, especially the moment when a reversing current changes direction and its speed is zero. The term is also applied to the entire period of low speed near the time of turning of the current when it is too weak to be of any practical importance in navigation. The relation of the time of slack water to the tidal phases varies in different localities. For standing tidal waves, slack water occurs near the times of high and low water, while for progressive tidal waves, slack water occurs midway between high and low water.


A switch is a device that is used to open a circuit or portion of a circuit and stop current flow.


Refers to the action of a controller. It defines what is done to regulate the final control element to effect control.


A mechanical device for measuring ocean current velocity which incorporates a propeller and a magnetic compass and can be suspended from a moored ship.

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