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A test of the suitability of stone that might be mined for roads or building use.

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A brace or prop used for support while building a ship


The head or height of a column of water which will give a prescribed pressure on the vertical or horizontal sides of a compartment or tank in order to test its tightness, or strength


A hardness test performed by pressing a steel ball of standard hardness into a surface by a standard pressure.
a hardened steel ball of known diameter is applied to the specimen under a known loading for a period of 1 second.

The diameter of the impression resulting in the specimen is measured with a microscope. Hardness is indicated by the Brinell Number, derived by dividing the applied load in kilograms by the spherical area of the impression in square millimeters. The harder the material, the smaller the impression and consequently the higher the Brinell number. To keep the relationship between load P, diameter D and the impression produced within limits, for different materials, different P/D2 ratios are used. The following are approximate Brinell numbers, for the stated material.

Material Brinell Hardness Number
Bronze (Chill Cast) 32
Brass 60
Gunmetal 70 - 75
Mild Steel 110 - 130
Carbon Steel 150 - 200
Cast Iron 400


A pressure test by water at room temperature applied to a boiler to determine its safety, as a check on repairs or to trace suspected leakage.


A valve that automatically opens when pressure attains the valve setting which is adjustable; used to prevent excessive pressure from building up.


The diameter of the largest hard spherical particle that will pass through a filter under specified test conditions. This is an indication of the largest opening in the filter elements.


(ACFTD) A test contaminant used to assess both filters and the contaminant sensitivity of all types of tribological mechanisms.


American Society for Testing Materials - a society for developing standards for materials and test methods.


the method of comparing filter performance based on efficiency. This is done using the Multi-Pass Test which counts the number of particles of a given size before and after fluid passes through a filter.


A platform in a ship corresponding to a floor in a building

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