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A branch of electronics concerned with the study and application of superconductivity and other low-temperature phenomena to electronic devices and systems. Also known as cryolectronics.

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  1. The branch of electronics that deals with solid-state and other electronic devices for generating, modulating, transmitting, and sensing electromagnetic radiation in the ultraviolet, visible-light, and infrared portions of the spectrum. 2. See photonics.


The branch of electronics that deals with the design, construction, and use of cryogenic devices.


The branch of electronics that involves use of acoustic waves at microwave frequencies (above 500 megahertz), traveling on or in piezoelectric or other solid substrates. Also known as pretersonics.


A branch of engineering that incorporates the ideas of mechanical and electronic engineering into a whole, and, in particular, covers those areas of engineering concerned with the increasing integration of mechanical, electronic, and software engineering into a production process.


The branch of rheology wherein study of the behavior of matter neglects effects due to the surface of a system.


The study of systems, particularly electronic systems, which function after the manner of living systems.


Electronic Navigational Chart


Electronic Chart System


Automatic Tracking Aid electronic plotting device for radars


Regional Electronic Navigational Chart Co-ordinating Centre supplier of official chart data

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