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A loudspeaker in which movements of the diaphragm are produced by a piezoelectric crystal unit that twists or bends under the influence of the applied audio-frequency signal voltage. Also known as piezoelectric loudspeaker.

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A piezoelectric unit used with a stylus in a phonograph pickup to convert disk recordings into audio-frequency signals, or used with a diaphragm in a crystal crude material See raw material.


A sound signal emitter comprising a resonant diaphragm maintained in vibrating motion by electromagnetic action.


A sound signal which uses electricity or compressed air to vibrate a disc diaphragm.


A unit of a radar set which demodulates received radar echoes, amplifies the echoes and delivers them to the radar indica- tor. A radar receiver differs from the usual superheterodyne communications receiver in that its sensitivity is much greater; it has a better signal noise ratio, and it is designed to pass a pulsetype signal.


  1. To supply a signal to the input of a circuit, transmission line, or antenna. 2. Process or act of supplying material to a processing unit for treatment. 3. The material supplied to a processing unit for treatment. 3. A device that moves stock or workpieces to, in, or from a die. 4. Forward motion imparted to the cutters or drills of cutting or drilling machinery.


A temperature-controlled oven in which a crystal unit is operated to stabilize its temperature and thereby minimize frequency drift.


A unit of mechanical mobility, equal to the reciprocal of 1 mechanical ohm.


A junction produced by changing the types and amounts of donor and acceptor impurities that are added during the growth of a semiconductor crystal from a melt. Also known as ground junction.


A measurement used to denote rate of oil or oil-product flow while a fluid-processing unit is in continuous operation. Abbreviated BSD.


A unit of measure commonly used in water analysis for the measurement of impurities in water. (17.1 grains = 1 part per million

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