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A temperature-controlled oven in which a crystal unit is operated to stabilize its temperature and thereby minimize frequency drift.

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A piezoelectric crystal used in an electric circuit, for example, as a transducer to convert mechanical or acoustical piezoelectric element piezoelectric gage signals to electric signals, or to control the frequency of a crystal oscillator.


A piezoelectric unit used with a stylus in a phonograph pickup to convert disk recordings into audio-frequency signals, or used with a diaphragm in a crystal crude material See raw material.


A standard measure of energy in the British unit system. 1 Btu is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of a liquid by 1 degree.


The temperature of a blackbody that emits the same amount of heat radiation per unit area as a given object; measured by a total radiation pyrometer. Also known as brightness temperature.


For a fluid confined in a vessel, the rate of flow of heat out of the fluid, per unit area of vessel wall divided by the difference between the temperature in the interior of the fluid and the temperature at the surface of the wall. Also known as convection coefficient.


The SI unit of frequency equal to one cycle per second.


The mass per unit volume of a substance at specified conditions of temperature and pressure.


The volume of fluid flowing through the cross- section of a conduit in unit time at the pressure and temperature prevailing in that section.


The time required for a fixed amount of an oil to flow through a capillary tube under the force of gravity. The unit of kinematic viscosity is the stoke or centistoke (1/100 of a stoke). Kinematic viscosity may be defined as the quotient of the absolute viscosity in centipoises divided by the specific gravity of a fluid, both at the same temperature Centipoises / Specific Gravity = Centistokes .


A high-temperature crystalline phase in steel in which the crystal structure is face-centered cubic. A solid solution of carbon and iron, i.e. the metal is homogenized.

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