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The weight of a motor vehicle plus fuel and other components or equipment necessary for standard operation; does not include driver weight or payload.

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A motor vehicle system that prevents escape of gasoline vapors from the fuel tank or carburetor to the atmosphere while the engine is not operating.


A rating that indicates the tendency to knock when a fuel is used in a standard internal combustion engine under standard conditions; n-heptane is 0, isooctane is 100; different test methods yield other values variously known as research octane, motor octane, and road octane.


A piece of equipment installed on an automotive vehicle in order to prevent or slow down theft; designs include mechanical locks on the steering wheel and ignition switch as well as other means of shutting off the ignition system, shutting off fuel flow, or sounding an alarm.


  1. A device automated guided vehicle system 2. A computer-controlled system that uses pallets and other interface equipment to transport workpieces to numerically controlled machine tools and other equipment in a flexible manufacturing system, moving in a predetermined pattern to ensure automatic, accurate, and rapid work-machine contact.


A blend of 10% anhydrous ethanol (ethyl alcohol) and 90% gasoline, by volume. Used as a motor fuel.


A period after the fuel valves close during which the burner motor or fan continues to run, to supply air to the combustion chamber.


Measure of the pressure of vapor accumulated above a sample of gasoline or other volatile fuel in a standard bomb at 100°F (37.8°C). Used to predict the vapor locking tendencies of the fuel in a vehicle's fuel system. Controlled by law in some areas to limit air pollution from hydrocarbon evaporation while dispensing.


In rubber manufacturing, the total weight of salable product, including elastomer, carbon black, extender oils, and other materials used in compounding the rubber. gross ton See ton. gross vehicle weight


A ground vehicle propelled by a motor powered by electrical energy from rechargeable batteries or other source onboard the vehicle, or from an external source in, on, or above the roadway; examples include the electrically powered golf cart, automobile, and trolley bus.


The weight of an empty cargocarrying piece of equipment plus any fixtures permanently attached.

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