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The amount of time required for a rubber compound to reach maximum viscosity or modulus at a given temperature.

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The time required for the controlled variable to reach and stay within a predetermined band about the control point following any change of the independent variable or operating condition in a control system. Also known as settling time.


The time required for a fixed amount of an oil to flow through a capillary tube under the force of gravity. The unit of kinematic viscosity is the stoke or centistoke (1/100 of a stoke). Kinematic viscosity may be defined as the quotient of the absolute viscosity in centipoises divided by the specific gravity of a fluid, both at the same temperature Centipoises / Specific Gravity = Centistokes .


An instrument used in the measurement of the degree Engler, a measure of viscosity; the kinematic viscosity in stokes for this instrument is obtained from the equation 0.00147t 3.74/t, where t is the efflux time in seconds.


Saybolt Universal Second. Unit of oils viscosity. The time required for a fixed volume of oil to flow through a tube of a definite diameter at constant temperature.


Time to go - GPS indicator of the time it will take to reach the waypoint at current speed.


Time to go - GPS indicator of the time it will take to reach the waypoint at current speed.


In plant or process operations, the actual time that a unit is operating and producing product.


A satellite navigation system developed by the Department of Defense. The system is provides highly accurate position and velocity information in three dimen- sions and precise time and time interval on a global basis continuously, to an unlimited number of users. It is unaffected by weather and provides a worldwide common grid reference system. The objective of the program is to provide very precise position information for a wide spectrum of military missions. In addition, current policy calls for civil availability with a slight degradation in system accuracy required to protect U.S. national security interests.


Hire for a period of time


Device to determine liquid viscosity by measurement of pressure drop through a friction tube with the liquid in viscous flow; gives direct solution to Poiseuille's equation.

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