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The principle that a macroscopic cause never has more elements of symmetry than the effect it produces; for example, a scalar cause cannot produce a vectorial effect.

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Large enough to be seen by the unaided eye.


A genus of brown algae characterized by a bushy form, a substantial holdfast when attached, and a yellowish brown, greenish yellow, or orange color. Species of the group have a large variety of forms and are widely distributed in warm seas as attached and free floating plants. Two species (S. fluitans and S. matans) make up 99 percent of the macroscopic vegetation in the Sargasso Sea. Also called SARGASSO WEED, GULFWEED.


Having magnitude only.


  1. Any quantity, such as a force, velocity, or acceleration, which has both magnitude and direction, as opposed to a SCALAR which has magnitude only. Such a quantity may be represented geometrically by an arrow of length proportional to its magnitude, pointing in the given direction. 2. A type of computerized display which consists of layers of differentiated data, each with discreet features. Individual data files can be independently manipulated.


The appearance of enclosed or broken macroscopic cavities in a body or in a glaze or other coating during firing.


A radiosonde which transmits the indications of the meteorological sensing elements in the form of a code consisting of combinations of dots and dashes. Also known as code-type radiosonde; contracted code sonde.


Having pnp and npn or pand nchannel semiconductor elements on or within the same integrated-circuit substrate or working together in the same functional amplifier state.


A procedure of repairing components or equipment as necessary either by on-site repair or by replacing individual elements in order to keep the system in proper operating condition.


A scalar point function equal to the work per unit charge done against the Coulomb force in transferring a particle bearing an infinitesimal positive charge from infinity to a point in the field of a specific charge distribution.


  1. An increase in signal magnitude from one point to another, or the process causing this increase.
  2. Of a transducer, the scalar ratio of the signal output to the signal input

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