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A set of tools that shape the ends of a piece of work into a form with a circular cross section.

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Compass for drawing circles of large diameter. In its usual form it consists of a bar with sliding holders for points, pencils, or pens which can be set at any desired position


A caisson in the form of a cylinder or shaft that is open at both ends; it is set in place, pumped dry, and filled with concrete.


A microphone consisting essentially of a flexible metal diaphragm and a rigid metal plate that together form a two-plate air capacitor; sound waves set the diaphragm in vibration, producing capacitance variations that are converted into audiofrequency signals by a suitable amplifier circuit. Also known as condenser microphone; electrostatic microphone.


  1. The point or edge of a diamond or other material set in a drill bit. Also known as cutting point. 2. The edge of a lathe tool in contact with the work during a machining operation.


Work performed for a set hourly wage that varies from one pay period to another as a function of the worker's productivity, but never declines below a guaranteed minimum wage.


A technique for development of a set of standard data by creating fixed groups or modules of work elements that may be added together to obtain time values for elements and entire operations.


A cylindrical chamber in an engine in which the energy of the working fluid, in the form of pressure and heat, is converted to mechanical force by performing work on the piston. Also known as cylinder.


Solids sizereducer in which particles are broken by a set of oscillating bars arranged in cylindrical form over a screen of suitable mesh.


Temporary boarding, sheeting, or pans of plywood, molded fiber glass, and so forth, used to give desired shape to poured concrete or the like.


A consistent set of parameters describing the size and shape of the earth, the positions of a network of points with respect to the center of mass of the earth, transformations from major geodetic datums, and the potential of the earth (usually in terms of harmonic coefficients). It forms the common geodetic reference system for modern charts on which positions from electronic navigation systems can be plotted directly without correction.

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