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The force opposing the motion of a railway train along a track due totrackcurvature.

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A train of levers in which motion or force is transmitted from the arm of one lever to that of the next.


Parameters that specify the position and motion of a body in orbit. The elliptical orbit of a satellite attracted by an exactly central gravitational force is specified by a set of six parameters as follows: Two parameters, the semimajor axis and eccentricity of the ellipse, establish the size and shape of the elliptical orbit. A third parameter, time of perifocal passage, enables determination of the location of the satellite in its orbit at any instant. The three remaining parameters establish the orientation of the orbit in space. These are the inclination of the orbital plane to a reference plane, the right ascension of the ascending node of the satellite, and the argument of pericenter.


The mechanism that can be used to change direction of motion and increase or decrease force or travel.


A principle governing the motion of a body moving under the action of a central force, according to which a line joining the body with the center of force sweeps out equal areas in equal times.


[ENG ACOUS] A process whereby the average transmission of the sound track of a motion picture print, averaged across the track, is decreased for signals of low level; since background noise introduced by the sound track is less at low transmission, this process reduces noise during soft passages.


The multiplication of force or motion achieved by a lever.


The state of a granular cargo when it is saturated with moisture to the point at which it will behave as a liquid when external force such as a ship's motion is applied.


A train or other vehicle which travels at high speed at some distance above an electrically conducting track by means of levitation.


A body whose motion is accelerated toward the center of the earth by the force of gravity, other forces acting on it being negligible by comparison.


A railroad track used to separate cars from a train according to destination.

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