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An instrument that can produce a display of one voltage or current as a function of another voltage or current, with a third voltage or current as a parameter.

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An instrument in which a motor-driven slide wire in a measuring circuit is continuously adjusted so that the voltage or current to be measured will be balanced against the voltage or current from this circuit; a pen linked to the slide wire makes a graphical record of its position as a function of time.


An electrodynamic instrument connected as a wattmeter, with the main current flowing through the fixed coil, and a small current proportional to the voltage flowing through the movable coil. Also known as moving-coil wattmeter.


  1. An evacuated enclosure containing a gas at low pressure, through which current can flow when sufficient voltage is applied between metal electrodes in the tube. Also known as electric-discharge tube. 2. A tube through which steam and water are released into a boiler drum.


An instrument that depends for its operation on the reaction between the current in one or more movable coils and the current in one or more fixed coils. Also known as electrodynamometer.


The amplification of current or voltage in a branch of an electrical network; used in the representation of brandy such a network by a signal-flow graph. Also known as branch gain.


An instrument for measuring weight or mass which consists of a 122 single pan (together with a set of weights that can be suspended from a counterpoised beam) that has a constant load (200 grams for the microbalance).


The law that the direct current flowing in an electric circuit is directly proportional to the voltage applied to the circuit; it is valid for metallic circuits and many circuits component that obeys Ohm's law. OHV engine See overhead-valve engine.


An instrument for measuring rotational speed by measuring the output voltage of a generator driven by the rotating unit.


An instrument used to measure ocean current velocities based on their electrical effects in the magnetic field of the earth.


An instrument which 382 determines the temperature of a very hot surface from its incandescent brightness; the image of the surface is focused in the plane of an electrically heated wire, and current through the wire is adjusted until the wire blends into the image of the surface. Also known as disappearing filament pyrometer.

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