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  1. The point at which there is a transition from spiral flow in the housing of a centrifugal fan to straight-line flow in the connected duct. 2. The point on the stroke of a steam engine where admission of steam is stopped.

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  1. A bar used to connect a tender to a steam locomotive. 2. A beam across the rear of a tractor for coupling machines or other loads. 3. A clay block submerged in a glass-making furnace to define the point at which sheet glass is drawn.


The blades of a turbine in the outlet exhaust flow of an engine are driven by the gases flowing over them. Compressor blades at the other end of the same axle are spun in the inlet flow, drawing large volumes of air into the cylinders. This enables faster combustion than naturally aspirated engines and increases power of the engine.


A solid body of boiler water passed into the steam flow by priming or picked up from a pocket of condensate in the steam line.


The basic scale used for temperature definition; the triple point of water (comprising ice, liquid, and vapor) is defined as 273.16 K; given two reservoirs, a reversible heat engine is built operating in a cycle between them, and the ratio of their temperatures is defined to be equal to the ratio of the heats transferred.


A dimensionless number used in studying the power required by fans, equal to the volumetric flow rate through the fan divided by the product of the rate of rotation of the fan and the cube of the impeller diameter.


A check valve that can be manually closed to prevent the back flow of steam from a header to a boiler.


A method for the production of low-Btu 142 other fluids by centrifugal means; used to remove dust from air or other fluids, steam from water, and water from steam, and in certain applications to separate particles into two or more size classes. Also known as cyclone classifier.


The point at which the percentage of moisture is great enough in a granular material to cause the material to flow as a liquid under a prescribed test.


A steam engine in which the steam exhausts from the cylinder to a vacuum space, where the steam is liquefied.


  1. An evacuated enclosure containing a gas at low pressure, through which current can flow when sufficient voltage is applied between metal electrodes in the tube. Also known as electric-discharge tube. 2. A tube through which steam and water are released into a boiler drum.

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