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Removing surface roughness or irregularities from metal by the use of an abrasive.

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The production of holes in an n-type semiconductor when voltage is applied to a sharp metal point in contact with the surface of the material.


A semiconductor rectifier that uses the barrier formed between a specially prepared semiconductor surface and a metal point to produce the rectifying action.


A type of thyristor in which there is a very thin metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) integrated circuit in the top surface of the high-power thyristor components, so that only a small gate current is needed.


A process by which a metal workpiece is finished on its external surface by supporting the piece on a blade while it is advanced between a regulating wheel and grinding wheel.


A metal box, with faces having different surface finishes, in which water is heated and next to which a thermopile is placed in order to compare the heat emission properties of different surfaces.


  1. In petroleum refining, removal of final traces of impurities, as for a lubricant, by clay adsorption or mild hydrogen treating. Smoothing and brightening a surface such as a metal or a rock through the use of abrasive materials.


Decorating a scraped metal surface with a handscraper. Also known as flaking.


Additive for protecting lubricated metal surfaces against chemical attack by water or other contaminants. There are several types of corrosion inhibitors. Polar compounds wet the metal surface preferentially, protecting it with a film of oil. Other compounds may absorb water by incorporating it in a water-in-oil emulsion so that only the oil touches the metal surface. Another type of corrosion inhibitor combines chemically with the metal to present a non- reactive surface.


Applying material to the surface of a metal or ceramic by dipping into a liquid.


Smoothing the surface of a metal by a rapid series of overlapping, light hammerlike blows or by rolling in a planishing mill.

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