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Recording a brief work cycle by attaching small lights to various parts of a worker and then exposing the work motions on a still-film time plate; motion will appear on the plate as superimposed streaks of light constituting a cyclegraph.

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A device used in micromotion studies to record a complete work cycle by taking still pictures with long exposures, the motion paths being traced by small electric lamps fastened to the worker's hands or fingers; time is obtained by interrupting the light circuits with a controlled frequency which produces dots on the film.


A work cycle which is performed entirely by hand or in which the hand time controls the place. Also known as manually controlled work.


An element of a work cycle whose time span is long enough to be observed and measured with a stopwatch.


A period of time during a regular work cycle when a worker is not active because of waiting for materials or instruction. Also known as waiting time.


In a time study, the end of an element in a work cycle and the point at which a reading is made. Also known as end point; reading point.


1) A general term for the night illuminations of vessels/navigational aids whose specification is found in collision regulations, lists of lights and port information. 2) A thick plate of glass fitted in a vessel's structure to provide a watertight light ingress.


A light duty stowable anchor with plate flukes that swivel.


Lights or other sources of ignition such as cigarettes, matches, flame, or light bulbs which are unprotected by a secondary cover which is sealed, or anything else which might act as a source of ignition.


Separation of a work cycle into elemental motions.


  1. Feeding work into a machine. 2. Planning the amount of use of a unit of equipment during a given time period.

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