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A set of gears, such as an epicyclic gear system, in which one or more of the gear axes rotates around a fixed axis.

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A fixed member in a planetary gear train that contains the shaft upon which the planet pinion rotates.


A technique for development of a set of standard data by creating fixed groups or modules of work elements that may be added together to obtain time values for elements and entire operations.


A fictitious charge used in finding the electric field set up by fixed electric charges in the neighborhood of a conductor; the conductor, with its distribution of induced surface charges, is replaced by one or more of these fictitious charges. Also known as image. electric induction See electric displacement.


A type of radarscope display in which own ship and other moving targets move on the plan position indicator in accordance with their true courses and speeds. All fixed targets appear as stationary echoes. However, uncompensated set and drift of own ship may result in some movement of the echoes of stationary targets. This display is similar to a navigational (geographical) plot.


A system of gears in which one or more gears travel around the inside or the outside of another gear whose axis is fixed.


  1. A size of screen or of particles passed by it in terms of the number of openings occurring per linear inch in each direction. Also known as mesh size. 2. A set of branches forming a closed path in a network so that if any one branch is omitted from the set, the remaining branches of the set do not form a closed path. Also known as loop. 3. Engagement or working contact of teeth of gears or of a gear and a rack.


A set of gear wheels.


An instrument consisting of a circle graduated in degrees, to which is attached one fixed arm and two arms pivoted at the center and provided with clamps so that they can be set at any angle to the fixed arm, within the limits of the instrument. It is used for finding a ship’s position when the horizontal angles between three fixed and known points are measured.


A voltmeter in which the voltage to be measured is applied between fixed and movable metal vanes; the resulting electrostatic force deflects the movable vane against the tension of a spring.


A decorative or functional item or component in a room that is fixed in place but not actually built in. Also known as fitting.

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