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An electronic instrument that produces on a cathode-ray screen a pattern which changes in shape according to core hardness, carbon content, case depth, and other metallurgical properties of a test sample of steel inserted in a sensing coil.

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An electronic instrument used to measure conductivity of a water sample to determine the dissolved solids content.


A general type of bit made in many shapes which does not produce a core and with which all the rock cut in a borehole is ejected as sludge; used mostly for blasthole drilling and in the unmineralized zones in a borehole where a core sample is not wanted. Also known as borehole bit; plug bit.


An instrument for measuring the frost point of the atmosphere; air under test is passed continuously across a polished surface whose temperature is adjusted so that a thin deposit of frost is formed which is in equilibrium with the air.


A measurement device in which variations in pressure upon a conductive carbon core proportionately change the core's electrical resistance, and thus the strength of the measured electric signal from the device.


The use of an instrument to measure a component, to detect the completion of a quantitative reaction, or to detect a change in the properties of a system.


A laboratory test in which the unsaturated hydrocarbons present in a crude oil are determined by mixing a sample 76 with bromine; the lower the rate of bromine absorption, the more paraffinic the test sample.


A test for the hardness of a solid sample by microscopic measurement of the width of scratch made by a diamond point under preset pressure.


An instrument that measures the fluorescent radiation emitted by a sample which is exposed to monochromatic radiation, usually radiation from a mercury-arc lamp or a tungsten or molybdenum x-ray source that has passed through a filter; used in chemical analysis, or to determine the intensity of the radiation producing fluorescence. Also spelled fluorimeter.


A cage or screen in which a thermometer and sometimes other instrument are placed to shield them from the direct rays of the sun and from other conditions that would interfere with registration of true conditions. It is usually a small wooden structure with louvered sides.


A temperature measuring instrument in which the differential thermal expansion of thin, dissimilar metals, bonded together into a narrow strip and coiled into the shape of a helix or spiral, is used to actuate a pointer. Also known as differential thermometer.

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