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An underground shelter, often built in areas frequented by tornadoes. Also known as storm cellar; tornado cellar.

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  1. lying broadside to the sea. 2. to ride out a storm with no sails and helm held to leeward.


A harbour used to provide shelter from a storm. 'harbor of refuge'


Waiting out a storm by dousing all sails and simply letting the boat drift.


A device to slow a boat down in a storm so that it does not speed excessively down the slope of a wave and crash into the next one. It is generally constructed of heavy flexible material in the shape of a cone. See also sea anchor.


  1. A storm from the south west.
  2. A type of waterproof hat with a wide brim over the neck, worn in storms.


The ratio of length of anchor rode in use to the vertical distance from the bow of the vessel to the bottom of the water. Usually six to seven to one for calm weather and more scope in storm conditions.


The rapid erosion of shore land by waves during a storm


The zone of unconsolidated material that extends landward from the low water line to the place where there is a marked change in material or physiographic form, or to the line of permanent veg- etation (usually the effective limit of storm waves). A beach includes foreshore and backshore. The beach along the margin of the sea may be called SEABEACH. Also called STRAND, espe- cially when the beach is composed of sand. See also TIDELAND.


  1. A meteorological phenomena characterized by relatively low atmospheric pressure and winds which blow counterclockwise around the center in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. 2. The name by which a tropical storm having winds of 34 knots or greater is known in the South Indian Ocean.


The speed at which a storm centre moves

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