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A paper-making machine consisting of one or a series of rotary cylindrical filters on which wet paper sheets are formed.

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A machine or engine used to refine paper pulp, consisting of a rotating cone, with cutters, that fits inside another cone, also with cutters.


An endless rubber band which runs longitudinally along the wire edges of a paper machine and determines web width.


An elongate tube with a central mid-feather and a cylindrical beater roll; formerly used for stock preparation in paper manufacture.


A sharp steel rule used in a machine for cutting paper or cardboard.


  1. A tool for packing in material to fill a blast hole containing a charge of powder. 2. A laborer who shovels or dumps asbestos fibers and sprays them with water in order to prepare them for the beating. 3. A machine that cuts or beats paper stock.


A machine consisting of a rotating cylindrical drum, that reduces the size of particles of ore or other materials fed into it; three main types are ball, rod, and tube mills.


  1. A cylindrical device positioned between the spindle and outer bearing of a milling machine and designed to hold a milling cutter. 2. A shaft or spindle used to hold a revolving cutting tool or the work to be cut.


A machine for doing work on the peripheries or shoulders of workpieces composed of concentric cylindrical or conical shapes, in which a rotating grinding wheel cuts a workpiece rotated from a power headstock and carried past the face of the wheel.


A cylindrical metal-grinding machine that carries the work on a support or blade between two abrasive wheels.


Any plot, graph, or tracing produced by the action of an electric current on prepared sensitized paper (or other chart material) or by means of an electrically controlled stylus or pen.

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